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Recently I shopped some new posters at Desenio. I have my bedroom decorated with them already and now added some new ones to my home. Let me show you. I have added a few to my toilet as I love to decorate every single place at home. In my opinion poster add a certain value of warmth to different places. I chose the black and white pictures because it matches perfectly with the items in my toilet.

I know what I like and I know how I like to mix and match that. If you do not know this for yourself yet, Desenio had a perfect option where you can check full photo walls and combinations.

As a huge black and white love I love to add some little colors too. Like the one in my hall way, it is super subtile.

Besides my toilet I added some new pieces to my hallway and my office. As mentioned I think that these art types give a certain type of warmth and finished look to your interior.

I am actually pretty curious if you guys also use posters to add some finishing touch to your interior? Let me know!

Love Arielle XX

Arielle Dannique
Arielle Dannique

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