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November 2016

Labee HQ


Sooco Footbar


Bombata cases



Oktober 2016

Storm & Marie Jam Jam PR


September 2016

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Arielle blogger


Repost Renard Watch


Augustus 2016

Repost Renard Watch


Favorite Instagram account by Kimmetjekims

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Kim has her blog written in dutch so I will translate the english version underneath.

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Kim calls me the Instagram queen. She finds my outfits amazing and loves the atmospheres I take my photo’s in (she calls it fantastic). She has been following me for a while now and really recommends to take a look at my account.


Otentic perfumes

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July 2016

Etos Friends Ambassador

Monthly review on products.


Fellisima, name repost

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April 2016

Meet the blogger article on Yaraloveshealthy

Meet the blogger #5 : Arielle Dannique van


Spotlight article on Zijenstijl

Spotlight Saturday #36 | blogger Arielle Dannique






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