The Aroma Club coffee

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Hi there loves,

I am finally back at it. I have been to Italy and France for 4 weeks and haven’t been writing since. Anyways I am back on track and will share my experience with the coffee from the aroma club with you guys today. 

Just before I left to France I got in this coffee from the aroma club. I was home for only 24 hours and so the right moment to grab a cup of coffee from these new beans. 


As you might have read in my previous post I am a huge coffee addict. I wake up with it and keep on drinking it for the rest of the day. The Aroma club send in this package with 100% freshly roasted beans (18th of July 2016)

The Aroma club only burns the best arabic coffee beans. The beans are slow-roasted to give the intense taste to the coffee which works out really well. I have been drinking many different types of coffee and gotta say that these are extremely tasteful. 


The Aroma club wants to give everyone a change to drink their coffee and so serve them in

Beans & Grinded 


  • Single plan (40 cups of coffee) €13,50
  • Couple plan (80 cups of coffee) €18,50
  • Family plan (160 cups of coffee) €24,50



  • Lungo
  • Espresso
  • Mixed

 50 cups €16,50, 100 cups €28,50, 150 Cups 38,50

Their are some benefits that the Aroma club offers, which differ them from others

  • Completely fresh roasted
  • Send 48 hours after burning
  • Free home delivery
  • Different ways to pay 
    • Per month
    • Per six months (5% discount)
    • Per year (10% discount) 

I am totally in love with the way the Aroma club works. They are super friendly and have a great service. Besides that their coffee is just perfect. It is well packed, greatly delivered and has an amazing taste. I would definatly advise the coffee lovers to try it out. 

Got enthausiastic and want to try it out? Check their website right here to make your first order.

There are a lot of new posts coming up so stay tuned on my channels.

Love XOX
Arielle Dannique
Arielle Dannique

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