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It is time for a new blog post! This time the post is about my lovely Mulberry Bag. It is the  Lilly Mulberry bag in the color Taupe. You guys might have seen it in my previous post already or on my Instagram but here you will find a more detailed version.

Mulberry was found in 1971 by Roger Saul. He took the inspiration from his father, who was the own of the Clarks shoe factory. Roger was a guys who knew everything about new fashionable relevant trends and started by selling vintage coats. Roger lived in London where he got inspired by the contradictions of the English lifestyle and than especially the countryside. At the age of 21 he placed his first order of belt buckles. He was a complete fan of exotic textured and was soon sold out of everything he made. Soon after that he found a team who worked against the clock to get his new creations to life.

Mulberry’s early collection was inspired by the English country lifestyle. Roger took leather, gathered samples of quilted fishing bag, leather waistcoats and poacher jackets. In 1975 the Hunting, Shooting, Fishing collection came on the market. At the age of just 26 Roger was the Chairman of the London Designer Collection. He married a house model of Dior and they became the cool English couple. Rogers idea was not to create a Mulberry lifestyle that everyone could be part of.

Over the years Mulberry has created a huge collection of bags which will be listed down below

  • The Bayswater
  • The Small Bayswater Double Zip Tote
  • The Bayswater Double Zip Tote
  • The Small Bayswater Satchel
  • The Bayswater Clutch Walle
  • The Lily
  • The Medium Lily
  • The Mini Lily
  • The Small Kite Tote
  • The Kite Tote
  • The Kite Clutch
  • The Mini Cara Delevingne Bag
  • The Cara Delevingne Bag
  • The Tessie Satchel
  • The Tessie Hobo
  • The Tessie Tote
  • The Small Freya
  • The Freya
  • The Freya Satchel
  • The Small Alice Zipped Tote
  • The Alice Zipped Tote
  • The Daria Satchel
  • The Daria Clutch
  • The Clemmie Clutch
  • The Medium Daria Hobo
  • The Alexa
  • The Blossom Pochette With Strap
  • The Blossom Tote
  • The Small Willow Tote
  • The Willow Tote
  • The Jamie
  • The mini Jamie
  • The Small Jamie
  • The Antony
  • The Small Roxette
  • The Roxette
  • The Delphie Clutch
  • The Delphie


All these bags are available in different kinds of leather and colors on

Once you Buy a Mulberry bag you are in Love and Want them all. Their quality is so good that you can wear the bag endlessly. Once you get the bag it is important to buy a protection spray so you make the bag waterproof and anti-fooling. I use this Collonil waterstop spray for my bag which I really like (you can get this same stuff in a gel form as well if you prefer that). Once you spray it it drys very fast and you can use your bag directly after it.  When you spray a protecting spray on your beloved bag, this should be done from a 30cm distance so that the bag won’t get any stains. It is important to repeat the spraying once every two months depending on the amount of use.



When I was thinking of buying a small Mulberry Bag I did some research. I wanted a small model that I can take with me when I go into the city for a little shopping or when I go to visit somewhere because at these times you don’t want to be strolling around with a huge bag full of stuff that you won’t even be using. Mulberry has a big collection of small bags as you can see in the list above. After looking around I felt for the lily. I think this model is so elegant and good to match with every outfit. There are three different types of the Lily namely The Medium Lilly (biggest version), The Lily (middle) and The Mini Lily (very little).

I went to the store to check out their size and to look for the different colors and types of leather. The medium Lily is just too big for the way I want to use it. The Mini lily was too small for my phone (iPhone 6s +) so that was a no go. The one left was the Lily which is just perfect. I can put my Phone, wallet, lipstick, mirror, sunglasses, perfume and keys in it. These are just all the items I need when I go out for a day and so the perfect match for me. Once you have chosen the right type you have to choose the type of leather and the color of the bag. The type of leather was easy, I just wanted the natural leather. For the color I wanted to go for a light one. This because I will probably be using the bag a lot in the Summer and a light color suits better with that. I chose for the color taupe and I am totally in love with it. This color is light but not too light so you can wear it throughout the year. The color listed above (oxblood natural leather) is perfect for in the winter/autumn I think, what about you guys?

The atmosphere in the stores is just so jovial. The staff takes all the time and tries to give you an advise. You can try on all the bags as many times as you want, you don’t feel embarrassed at all. They look with you at the models, the colors and the type of leather.

The Bags get packed in this beautiful, stylish bag from Mulberry. Your completely new bag will be put in its dustbin to keep it protected. There is paper in the bag so it keeps its shape. A tip for you guys is too keep this paper. Every time  you put away your bag you can fill it with this paper again so it keeps its shape perfectly.















This logo is on the inside of the bag just below the inside pocket


With this key you can lock your bag. The lock has no key with it which makes it easy to use.


At the bottom of the bag there is this sign saying Thank you just to finish it off.


You can wear this bag in many different ways like

  • Double Chain on the shoulder
  • Single Chain on the shoulder
  • Cross Body


The details of this bag

Color: Taupe

Leather: Natural Leather

Model: The Lily


I hope that you guys enjoyed reading this post and that it will help you making a choice if you want to buy one like this yourself.

For any questions just write a comment down below and I will try to help you.


Have a Lovely Day Guys,

XOX Arielle Dannique




Arielle Dannique
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