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How are you all doing? Do you still remember my start with Sugar bear Hair VIP? I have not stopped since and so I thought it would be nice to share that with you guys. I got so many questions regarding the actual work of the product so the perfect way to share it to you guys. For the once who are curious about my first article you can find the link to that right HERE. Back when I had my first cure it already had an effect on my hair. I start noticing less splitting ends which was just great for me. The ends of my hair split very easily so a great way to reduce this. After I had done this cure I actually wanted to continue and see if it stays stable like it did after the first cure. What do I mean by stable? Well the ends split less and my hair has a natural glow. One of the most asked questions was about the length of my hair. To be honest I don’t notice the growth on my hair besides the fact that my ends split less and so it will be longer.

For the once of you who are still doubting I would advice you to think about the reason you want to use it and after that what you have to loose if you try it once. I have used it for three months (first cure) and saw an effect like I mentioned to you guys. I can not guarantee anything to anyone because everybody is different, everyone has a different hormonal system and a different hair structure. For the once thinking that these are disgusting, your wrong, they actually taste like sweets… whoops!!

You take two sugar bears a day to get your program started. Your cure is finished once the pot is finished. For the different packs you can check out the page right HERE

If you have any questions regarding the use don’t hesitate to contact me on that! For the once of you that have allergies, you can check the ingredients right HERE

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Arielle Dannique
Arielle Dannique

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