Medik8 Skin Care Routine

Hi Hi Loves, its time for a skin care update.

A little while ago I have started using the skin care products from Medik8. I have a normal skin, no specialties, no pimples, red spots or anything. The only thing is that my skin could use some moisturizing. Sadly I could not do the treatment so I had a phone call with the owner off the brand to talk everything through. From what I told her she thought that this would be the best match for me. I have used it for two weeks now and I can tell that it actually looks really nice. My skin gets this extra glow which I personally really like. Normally I combine different products since my skin doesn’t react in a bad way to any of the products that I use however you notice the differences between products of course.

Lets go for the routine, starting off with the cleaners. Apply a little to a tissue and get your make up off your face. If no make up is used it is still a great product to get your skin clean. Continue with about 3 drops of the skin serum which will be applied onto the face and neck. Wait for a few minutes and get the day cream onto your face. I use about three pumps for my face and neck. You can apply your make up if you use that. At night get your cleanser again and clean your face. Apply the serum onto your face and neck again. Wait a few minutes and apply the night cream and your skin is ready again.

I personally LOVE these products. No perfume, no extra stuff which is not needed at all, just a product which is great for your skin. The cleanser is great, all my make up is gone. The serum feels super light on your face as well as the two creams. As I mentioned I do not have a bad skin just a little dry sometimes. This product is just super great, this is not sponsored I just really like the products!!

Lets Unpack These

The Way To Use The Routine

From left to right, cleanser, Serum, Day cream, Cleanser, Serum, Night Cream

Let me know what you think.

Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding the products!

With love ArielleDannique


Arielle Dannique
Arielle Dannique

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