LeParmentier By Forzieri

LeParmentier By Forzieri

Hi There Loves, How are you all doing? Recently I received an AMAZING bag from Forzieri the Yucca Bag from LeParmentier! I am absolutely in love and wanted to share this beauty with you guys. Before I am going to spend all my entausiasme on telling you about the bag, I want to share something even more exciting. I have a discount for you guys!! Discount Details: Use ARIELLE15 to get 15% off on all LeParmentier bags at forzieri.com.The code will be valid from April 12th (TODAY) till May 24th!

..Bag Details..

First of all, let me show you the in and outside of the bag. I have noted down all the details for you guys just for the side information. The bag is super light and fits a lot of stuff inside. I usually carry my card holder, hand sanitizer, lipstick, lip balm, keys and a little perfume with me. This all fits in this cute little bag. Besides the fact that it is perfect from the outside, it does fit a lot inside like I mentioned. The name of this bag is the Le Parmentier Dark Cherry Yucca Suede and Leather Shoulder Bag. The Direct link to this colour can be found HERE.It comes in 9 other colors which can be found right HERE. Forzieri has 14 other models of Le Parmentier as well so you can check those out as well because they look extremely pretty as well!

Inside Details About This Beauty From LeParmentier

Colour – Dark Cherry

Warranty – 2 years

Material – Genuine leather and thermal microfibre

Width – 20cm, Height – 17cm, Depth – 6cm

Handles – Leather shoulder strap

Shoulder strap – 105 cm

Hardware Material – Goldtone metal

Lining – Canvas

Pockets – 1 compartment & 1 From pocket

Closure – Flap

Weight – 800 gram

I have selected a few of my looks together with my beautiful bag. In this way you can see the different ways and types of styling. There are of course many other options however I have just picked a few for you. From casual, to chic, to a night out, you name it. The reason I am so in love with this bag is first of all because of its looks. It has the look of a very expensive Designer bag while the price is €238,- instead of the regular over €1000,- prices for a pretty designer bag. Not only that but the look, the fabric, the hardware, the way it is designed everything is just so pretty. For the strap, it is not possible to take it off however it is possible to adjust it to a matching size for you. I am pretty short (1.65m | 5 feet 4) and I love to have my bags up high because I just love the way that looks but that is totally up to you of course!

..Time To Style..

Besides the fact that this bag goed well with simply every outfit, I love the red, yellow and brown combination. It really makes the bag stand out which I personally like. I like to have a completely simple look with an outstanding bag which just grabs everyones eyes. I am a huge bag lover and therefore love to discover new brands with amazingly pretty bags like Le Parmentier. I had never heard of the brand before but I became an absolute fan. The price, quality relationship is so so good as well, I love it!!

..Style Time Again..

The bag blending in with the outfit. Because of the red red combination, it makes the bag blend in even better. The reason I put on a white top and a brown blazer is because of the colour combination. It still makes the bag stand out however it gives it this blend in look as well, just the way I like it.

..Same Beautiful Bag..

Time for more colors. I can’t say it enough how good colour combinations can look. I love to wear a lot of colors since I think it looks super happy and nice on everyone. People tend to wear a lot of black and white but wouldn’t it be so much nicer if everybody would wear more colors? Especially during this season, Spring and Summer I love the way colors look. This bag is however possible in all seasons because of the stylish colors. Make it stand out on a darker outfit during Winter or Summer.

I hope I have provided you guys with enough information about this beauty. If not you know how to reach me in the comments, by email or on Instagram (@arielledannique). Have a lovely day and hopefully enjoy your own beauty from Le Parmentier soon! Don’t forget to use my code ARIELLE15 to get your special 15% off on these beauties!! Have a lovely day and don’t forget to add some colors to your life if you aren’t already doing that!!

..Hugs & Kisses By ArielleDannique..

Arielle Dannique
Arielle Dannique

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