Helsinki With Lapponia

Helsinki With Lapponia

Hi There Loves, How Are You All Doing? For the ones following me on Instagram (@arielledannique) know that I went to Helsinki last week. I went there on a press trip with TheImageFactory for Lapponia.We went to visit the factory to see how all the jewels are made and the entire process behind the production of the Lapponia Collections. We started off with a presentation about the brand, the way the collections are made and the artists / creators behind all the pieces. I was very amazed about the way the company works and their spirit behind all the individual pieces. I love it when a company is very passionate about the things they are producing. Not only the managers but also the people who actually make the pieces were extremely passionate. We got told that they were super passionate and actually notices it ourselves when we got to design our OWN Ring By Lapponia! I will tell you more about that later!

The New Lapponia Collection

While visiting the factory we got a presentation about the new collection which is launching very soon. It is made of real vintage gold. I have selected some of my favorite pieces for you so you have an idea about the collection as well. I am so in love with this collection. It is super special, elegant, chic, feminine at the same time. Besides the fact that I am a huge sucker for gold jewels, I am amazed by the design of all the single pieces. I have selected my 3 favorites from this new collection. This is something I was so amazing about when I saw it in real. The way it is designed and made is pure beauty!

My Absolute Favorite

Time To Design My Own Piece

Yes you have read that correct! This was so cool to do. I never thought that I would this myself one day. We got to design our own ring which was a great experience. Besides the fact that it was super cool to do myself, I also got even more respect for all the people making jewels every day. The way Lapponia works is so precisely, I love it! Also the way that worked with us, they wanted the ring to look perfect for everyone. I felt some form of proudness for all the jewels and I love that passion in peoples work! Designing a ring takes a lot of steps, I had never thought it would be so difficult. Imagine that this was a simple ring without any weird designes, stones or anything. My ring is still in Helsinki to be finished off. Once I receive it I will post it on my Instagram so if you are curious keep an eye out on that!

A Little History About Lapponia

“The story of Lapponia Jewelry begins with two courageous men – entrepreneur and visionary Pekka Anttila and gifted jewelry designer / artist Björn Weckström. Together these men pushed the boundaries of jewelry design in the 1960s gaining global attention. Lapponia Jewelry was founded by silversmith Pekka Anttila (1931 – 1985) in 1960. During the early days the company manufactured very traditional jewelry, mainly bracelets and various chains. The Quality of the jewelry was excellent and the company steadily gained new customers . However, the competition in the jewelry business was fierce. Mr. Anttila soon realised the future was not in the traditional style gold jewelry and getting any exposure in the international markets would require more personal approach. He wanted to step away from the tradition”. This was just a little bit of the history. If you want to know more about the way Lapponia came where it is nowadays, Check it out right HERE.

Hope You like Lapponia As much as I do! Go check out their collections and let me know what you guys think about it! Have a lovely day! XX Arielle By ArielleDannique!

Arielle Dannique
Arielle Dannique

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