Dressing Up In Pink Suits

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How have you guys been doing? The Outfit spirit is getting back on track. For all my outfits the past few weeks you can check my Instagram now. I don’t know if you girls recognize this but I find suits kinda cool and stylish for woman! I actually love them but I find it super hard to find one which is fashionable and not for ‘elderly’ woman if you get what I mean. I was searching on Instagram and came across this suit which I LOVE! It is from Circe the Label, I will mention the right links down below. I am a huge lover and sucker for stripes as you might now so I immediately fell for this suit. It is a Winter edition so perfect for now!! I also bought myself the blue suit which you can find HERE.

Together with this suit I am wearing These amazing earrings by Gasbijoux. Besides combing them with this amazing suit, I love to combine them with blue or black shirts to make them stand out even more. About the weight of the earrings, they are not that heavy. In the beginning I was I don’t like wearing heavy earrings but these ones have the perfect weight for huge earrings like this. They are so pretty, don’t you guys think? An outfit is not finished with a bag! I alway carry a bag with me for my daily essentials, if you would like to see an update on whats in my bag, let me know in the comments below or send me a message via mail or Instagram. This time I am wearing my black Phillip Lim. For the details on this outfit, you can check the links down below.

Suit – Circe the Label, Direct Link to THE SUIT 

Bag – Phillip Lim Direct Link to THE BAG

Earrings – Gas Bijoux, Direct Link to THE EARRINGS

Arielle Dannique
Arielle Dannique

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