Cats Dry Gin means Party Time

Gin Lovers, Keep on reading with me! Want to create a good glass of gin like I have above, scroll down with me!

Lately I have tried the Catz dry gin and I am in love with the taste of it. Due to that, I thought it would be nice to share this with you guys and show how I love to make my perfect drink with Catz Dry gin. 

Start off with the right ingredients

Catz dry Gin, Lime, Licorice & Sanpellegrino

Next, lets get the Gin

Adding the Gin to the glass with some Ice cubes to keep it cold

Onto the toppings

Sanpellegriono, Lime & Licorice

Add the Lime & Licorice

I prefer to add these before the Sanpellegrino because now the taste will be extra involved

Add the Sanpellegrino to finish

Last add some sparkles to finish off the perfect drink

Enjoy making your perfect drink with Catz Dry Gin!

Hugs & Kisses Arielle.

Arielle Dannique
Arielle Dannique

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