Wine Talk By Le Nez

Wine Talk By Le Nez

Hi there loves, how are you all doing? As a wine lover, I love to discover and taste new wines. This time I was searching for a wine selection for the Christmas days and New Years Eve. After tasting many different wines, one thing was for sure they will be from Le Nez. Why? Because they are simply so good, let me explain you why. 

Le Nez is a story between the two most passionate and dynamic wine-making families who are representing the French novelty and Argentine passion. It stands for exceptional quality and traditional expectations.

Le Nez has a selection of three types, red, white and rose and three selections named moments, Le Nez Français and Le Nez Imperium.

MOMENTS is Le Nez’s unwooded and relaxed wine range. They have a rose, white and red wine in the collection. The Rose is my personal favorite from this selection.

Le Nez Français is a premium, 100% organic and barrel-aged wine range. The collection consist of a red and a white wine. The red on is my personal favorite. It is a full wine with a soft taste. I am personally mostly into a good glass of red wine and the Le Nez Français is the perfect wine for this. I don’t like a spicy or very sweet taste in a red wine. This wine is just perfect for me.

Le Nez Imperium is an iconic Languedoc blend created by Argentine winemaking legend José Galante and Vincent Chansault. It has a very full taste. A perfect wine to match with a plate of cheese after diner. A very very good wine again!! 

I hope you are into wine as much as I am. Let me know your favorite type of wine and let me know if you have tasted the wines from Le Nez before!! 

You can get the wine in The Netherlands at Vivino and Hocras in Bussum. You can find the Links HERE and HERE. You can find them on Instagram HERE and HERE

Arielle Dannique
Arielle Dannique

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