Coffee Or Tea?

Are you a coffee or a tea lover? Or maybe both? There are a lot of different facts about what is better for your health. One might say coffee the other might say tea. I am a lover of both and so decided to do some fact research on both of them. Let me share with you the differences between Coffee & Tea!!

For Morning Jolt –> Coffee , For Morning Zen –> Tea

For weight loss –> Tea , For Muscle Building –> Coffee

To sleep better –> Tea , For your well being –> Tea

For whiter teeth –> don’t drink either of them

For myself as I said I like both. I love to drink a cup of coffee in the Morning and somewhere during the day. When I am super tired I might take an extra cup. The rest of the day I fill myself up with large glasses of tea. Sometimes even more than 10, yes this is crazy I know. 

Arielle Dannique
Arielle Dannique

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