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Hi there Loves

How are you all doing? I went to the event from SkinCeuticals, a medical skin care brand. SkinCeuticals is based on medical research and is developed by a doctor named Dr. Sheldon Pinell. SkinCeuticals works with antioxidants with a mission to keep the skin in the best condition, curious about it? Come and read with me on this article.

Did you know that the health of your skin (wrinkles, pigmentation etc.) is only decided for 10% by genetic factors and that 90% is from exposure to things in daily life (pollution, Sunlight etc.)? Well I didn’t!

Your skin is expelled to sunlight and pollution all the time. To make sure it won’t effect your skin, it is important to take good care of it. SkinCeuticals believes that a skin needs three steps to keep it in ultimate shape. You can basically see it as a sandwich. Steps 1 & 3 are the slices of bread and Step 2 is the spread. When you wake up, you wash your face and start by applying the prevent oil. This oil comes in two different types namely: CE Ferulic (normal skin) & Phloretin CF (combination skin), so you can see which one suits your skin the best. After you have applied the prevent oil you move on to the retexturing activator (correct). This oil keeps the skin in its greatest shape. It makes sure that the newest skin is always on top. What it basically does is that the skin will start to peel, no worries guys you won’t see it with your naked eye. In this way it will activate the skin and correct it. After the preventing and the correcting it is time to move on to the protection of the skin. Your skin is being expelled to sunlight a lot of times. Not only the days where you are on holiday, but also the days that you bike to the train station or sit in the sun while eating lunch will effect your skin. Therefore it is important to always protect it. The protection lotion has an SPF 50, yes i know this sounds high but it is nothing to worry about, you can still get a tan with it. The thing is, SPF does protect UVA & UVB (Ultra Violet, visible light) but it doesn’t protect against IR (Infra red, the warmt that you feel, invisible light). This will still harm your skin and thats why you have to be careful with your skin and sunlight.

Below you will find the products according to the three steps of SkinCeuticals.

Step 1 – Prevent

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Step 2 – Correct

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Step 3 – Protect

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The products I got to take with me, Happy Me ahhh!!!



If you became enthusiastic and want to order these, send me a mail so I can send you a list with clinics. The products are not for sale in ‘normal’ stores only in medical clinics.

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Arielle Dannique
Arielle Dannique

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