Lunch At Bij Hartje Zwolle

Lunch At Bij Hartje Zwolle

Time For the best lunch!

Hij Foodieloves, Its time for another hotspot food guide again! For the ones reading my blogs for some time already, know that I have been to this spot before called Bij Hartje Zwolle. I am just so in love with this concept that I thought it would be nice to give you guys an updated version. Last week I visited again and had such an amazing lunch. From smoothie bowls to curled fried to burgers to sandwiches, just so so much GOOD food!! I love it!

They have a super cool concept. You get a cart, you cross the dishes that you like and they serve it all together on one plate. I am extremely fan of the beet burger and their fries are absolutely the best!! Besides all the other dishes I took were the best but if I had to choose two, I would take those two.

You can just walk by or book a table if you want to make sure to have a spot. I have attached the website from Bij Hartje Zwolle right HERE.

You can find the menu right HERE. 

Arielle Dannique
Arielle Dannique

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