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Today is time for a post about my Diptyque beauty products. Diptyque started in Paris with three friends with the same passion for creativity named Christiane Gautrot (an interior designer), Desmond Knox-Leet (a painter) and Yves Cosecant (a theater director and set designer). Two of the friends collaborated designing fabrics and wallpaper for Liberty. In 1961 they were joined by the third person and opened a store in Paris on 34 boulevard Sain-Germain. Yves became the administrator and consultant, Desmond and Christiane were the artistic soul of the brand.


Diptyque has very recognizable labels on their products. They are oval shaped which echo’s the shape of an 18th-century medallion. This is a patter found on the pretorian fabric designed by Desmond Knox-Leet in 1963. The oval pattern suggests the shields of an ancient Rome.


The Home fragrances from Diptyque tribute to nature through carefully chose raw materials. By choosing through a large assortiment of propositions one can create a unique universe throughout the seasons.

In 1968 diptyque compose its first eau de toilette named L’Eau. This was inspired by the 16th-century potpourri recipe and the scent of pomanders. New creations followed up quickly. For over 40 years, Diptyque has been developing a sophisticated collection of personal fragrances giving it a clear distinctive signature. They have scents for both man and woman. In the video below you will find the making off of diptyque bottles.

Diptyque has gone back for centuries to find the meaning for the twelve flowers and discovering the story behind each fragrance. You can enter the lovely flower garden right here.

Diptyque sells Personal fragrances, Home fragrances and Face & Body care products. They have designed 54 different scents.

Eaux de parfum: Link

Eaux de toilette: Link

Les Eaux Parfumées: Link

Solid perfumes: Link

Roll-ons: Link

Travel sprays: Link

Boutique exclusives: Link

Multi-used Eaux:Link

Home Fragrances: Link

Face & Body Care: Link





The best thing to do is burn these candles for about two hours until all the suet is burned, turn off the candle and wait for it to cool off. One its cooled cut off the wick till about 1 cm. If you don’t do this the candle won’t burn straightly down in the pot. The scent of the candles, both small and big, is so strong. You can scent an entire room with just one candle and let it stay for a while.

The prices of these scented candles are:

Big candle €46,-

Small candle €25,-

DSC_4531 (1)

For my big candle I chose Roses. This is my second Diptyque candle and I was looking for a flowery scent. I got my smalles candle first which contains a little scent of roses. When I was looking for a big candle I fell for the roses. It smells so fresh, just like it is Summer in your own room.


The scent of this small candle is closely related to L’Ombre dans L’eau. It has a small touch of roses which gets back in my other candle. I just love this scent as you might have noticed… It is a very intense scent which I like. I tend to wear intense perfumes on regular days. I am not always in the mood for this scent though. I use it once in a while since I want it to stay special.


The Thing I like about these perfumes is that not everyone is wearing them. I don’t like it when I walk around and I smell the same perfume everywhere. Diptyque is an excuse perfume brand which I like.

I am a huge fan of L’Ombre dans L’Eau. It has a very strong scent and stays literally the entire day. If you are a person that can’t stand strong perfumes I wouldn’t recommend this one. I would go for the other scent I am owning which is Doson. This scent is way lighter but still has the quality of staying the entire day.

Price 50 ml: €70,-

Price 100 ml: €92,-











Together with my L’Ombre dans L’Eau perfume I have these body products. When I am getting out of the shower I always grease my body with bodylotions. When I am wearing this perfume I am greasing my body with these body products. I usually use the pot as hand cream since it is way thicker than the lotion. When my skin is very dry I use the pot too since it heals my skin so quickly.

Body lotion €38,-

Body cream, you can’t get this anymore.




Is it worth the price? I think it is. I enjoy it every time again, it takes a bit but than you have some.

You can buy these products online or you can go to Skins cosmetics or one of the Diptyque stores to smell and buy them. When you know your favorite scent you can just re-order it online.


Thanks lovely’s for reading this post! Enjoy the rest of your day and till next time!!

PS. There will be a post like this about Jo Malone soon.

XOX Arielle Dannique



Arielle Dannique
Arielle Dannique


  1. March 29, 2016 / 3:30 pm

    Ik vind Diptyque zo’n fantastisch merk, maar helaas ook wel heel prijzig..

    • admin
      March 29, 2016 / 4:45 pm

      Ja ik ben er ook helemaal verliefd op! Ben ik met je eens.
      Wel is het zo dat de kaarsen erg lang meegaan (maar ben er inderdaad ook erg zuinig op :))


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