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HOTSPOT #11 Jansz Amsterdam

HOTSPOT #11 Jansz Amsterdam

Hi Love, its time for a new hotspot guide! Recently I was strolling around the city and decided to grab a lunch at Jansz. As you might have read before I went here for diner as well. If you have not read that and still want too, check out the post right HERE. For the hotspot guides I can write a lot but it is so much nicer for you guys to just melt away in the food pictures. We ordered some different plates which were all so incredible good. A salad, a pasta some vegetables and a sandwich, all…

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Hotspot #7 Jansz. Pulitzer

Hotspot #7 Jansz. Pulitzer

Hi there loves, how have you been doing? Last Monday I went out for diner with my dad at Jansz which is located in the Pulitezer Hotel. We started off with some drinks at the Pulitzer bar and continued our diner at Jansz. Jansz has some new dishes on their menu and so we decided to get some diner here. I have had a diner at the Pulizter before and so the reason I got to know Jansz. We started off with a ricotta on toast. It tasted very sweet and very fresh and fruity like. I have never tried it…

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