Barbor Make-Up Routine

Lets Put Some Make Up On

Hiii Loves,

How are you all doing?? Recently I have uploaded a skin care routine by Barbor and thought it would be nice to give you guys an update on the make up routine as well. I will list down which products I am using and the order I will be using them in on the right side. Not all of the products I am using will be mentioned in this post but will be mentioned in the list on the right. I have stated which products, that are being used, are from Barbor. During Summer I like to go for a light make up look since I think this is the perfect season to do so. It is super warm outside, you get a little tan already (well hopefully) and therefore it is so much easier to go on with light make up. I do however use foundation since I have a really tanned skin during Summer apart from my face. This is why I like to use some color and this sticks better when you use foundation. On top I am always putting some boozing powder and a little blush, not to forget about the highlighter. Besides an eyeliner and some mascara to finish off. During Summer I don’t always do my eyebrows since they are dark themselves already.


Skin Care Routine –> BARBOR

  • Primer
  • Foundation –> BARBOR
  • Concealer –> BARBOR
  • Transparent Powder –> BARBOR
  • Bronzing powder –> BARBOR
  • Blush –> BARBOR
  • Highlight
  • Eyebrows
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara –> BARBOR

Set It On The Face

Time to add some colour

Hope you guys liked it! See You next time!! XXX Arielle

By Arielle Dannique


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  1. July 14, 2018 / 11:04 am

    Wauw, ik wist niet dat Babor zo’n prachtige make-up producten heeft.

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